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Therapy of thyroid gland

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Welcome to the world of KASFERO NATURMEDIZIN
Our natural preparations for general use from the series of HYPO SOLVESTOR TT6© and HYPER K- STRUMIN© are, among all other things, intended for the persons with increased or reduced thyroid gland function.

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We bring you one part of a research that was done at the end of the last millennium in then still existing Republic of Yugoslavia…

A quote from a scientific magazine:

“According to palpatory findings there are several types of goiter – diffuse goiter and nodular goiter (0a and 0b are barely palpable):

Diffuse goiter Class I – Struma Diffusa D1 – palpable thyroid gland, visible when extending the neck;

Diffuse goiter Class II – Struma Diffusa D2 – clearly visible thyroid gland when the head is in a normal position;

Diffuse goiter Class III – Struma Diffusa D3 – clearly visible thyroid gland from afar.

Nodular goiter can be:

–          Uninodular, localized left or right (Struma nodosa saltoria euthyreotica seu non toxica);

–          Polynodular (Struma polynodosa euthyreotica seu non toxica).”

Goiter is formed by hypertrophy and hyperplasia of tyhrocytes, caused by the disorder in biosynthesis of thyroid hormones (T4, T3), followed by periods of involution. Those cyclic changes lead to nodular appearance in diffused hypertrophic glandular tissue.

Diagnostics of goiter are morphological (scintigram, ultrasound) and functional (determination of hormones; T4, T3, TSH, FT4, FT3). With euthyroid goiters the hormones are in physiological range and the titer of the antithyroid antigens is not elevated. In cases of diffuse goiters with hyperthyrosis, T4, T3, FT3, FT4 are elevated and TSH is reduced because of the known negative feedback of thyroid hormones and TSH from pituitary gland.

Our results

During our research we used a sample of 251 women and 19 men with diffused, nodular and polynodular goiter. All of the patients were first examined palpatory, then morphologically (with ultrasound or scintigram); before and after the treatment. Hormonal analysis of T4, T3 and TSH were done with all of them. Additional analysis (blood tests, cholesterol, urine and ECG) were done if needed. Based on the palpation, morphological and functional overview, all of the patients were classified in eight groups; all of them took “Kasfero fruit“(the author changed the name), 7-14 grams per os.

Table 1

Morphological type Functional type Number of patients Durations of research Morphological reduction  (per month) Functional reduction
Diffuse goiter I Euthyreosis 19 2 months 30% + 10% 20%
Diffuse goiter II Euthyreosis 27 2 months 30% + 10% 20%
Diffuse goiter III Euthyreosis 14 2 months 30% + 20% do 20%
Diffuse uninodular goiter Euthyreosis 33 3 months 30%+30%+10% 25%
Diffuse polynodular goiter Euthyreosis 53 3 months 30%+30%+10% 25%
Uninodular goiter Euthyreosis 75 3 months 30%+30%+40% 20%
Polynodular goiter Euthyreosis 50 4 months 30%+20%+20% 20%
Diffuse goiter Hiperthyreosis 9 1 month 20% 20%

First group was made of patients that suffered from enlargement of the thyroid gland that was visible when extending the neck and normal thyroid hormones – T4, T3, TSH from pituitary gland – Struma diffusa D1 euthyreosis. During two months 19 patients (17 women and 2 men) took “Kasfero fruit“ 7.0g per os in the morning and 3.0g at noon. During the first month an evident reduction of thyroid by 30% was noted; during the second month another 10% reduction followed. The gland was concentrically reducing, the gland slightly visible. With hormonal control the functional reduction was ascertained from 20%, most likely because of the morphological reduction.

Second group was made of patients with clearly visible thyroid gland when the head is in a normal position and normal thyroid hormone values – Struma diffusa D2 euthyreosis. 27 patients (25 women, 2 men) took 7.0g of “Kasfero fruit“ per os in the morning and 5.0g at noon. During the first month a 30% visible concentric reduction of diffused goiter was noted; another 10% following the second month. At the end of research the hormonal values were reduced for almost 20%.

Third group examined patients with clearly visible thyroid gland from afar, palpatory diffused and enlarged with a tendency of non-nodular increase and normal hormonal values. 14 patients (13 women, 1 man) took 7.0g “Kasfero fruit“per os in the morning and 7.0g at noon, before a meal, in a two-month duration. After a month the gland was concentrically reduced by 30%, softer, without tendency to increase. Next month, the gland was reduced for another 20%. Hormonal values after two months were reduced for 20%. It should be noted that the patients were observed if they had T4 value over 100 mJ/ml; and T3 over 2.5 mJ/ml, like in the other groups.

Fourth group had patients with diffusely enlarged goiter and one firm solitary nodule, left in isthmus or in the right lobus. Requirement for this group was a visible nodule in ultrasound or scintigram during morphological overview of functional or hypo functional types, as those are most common nodules in our population. Thyroid hormones were in physiological limits. 33 patients(30 women, 3 men), in duration of three months, took “Kasfero fruit“, in dosage of 7.0g on an empty stomach in the morning and 5.0g at noon. During the first two months a concentric regression of goiter and nodule to 60% was noted. During the first months the reduction was around 10%; if the solitary nodule was up to 3cm in diameter it completely disappeared, although the outline remained. In case of discontinuation of therapy (4 patients in the second month), the solitary nodules relapsed, as well as the goiter.

Fifth group examined 53 patients (49 women, 4 men) with diffusely enlarged goiter, with more solitary nodules (2-3) and micro nodules, but with a normal hormonal function of the thyroid at the top of the range. After a month of orderly use of “Kasfero fruit“, in dosage of 7.0g on an empty stomach in the morning and 7.0g at noon, the goiter was 30% reduced and micro nodules disappeared. During the second month the gland was still reducing, as well as the nodule, for 20%. In the third month, the gland was still regressing, nodules up to 3cm disappeared and bigger nodules became softer. Reduction of hormones up to 25% from starting value was noted.

Sixth group was made of younger patients (between 14 and 25) with uninodular goiter, which is frequent during puberty and causes neurogenic disorders with a constant need to cough. 75 patients were examined (68 girls and 7 boys). Their condition was monitored for three months. Thyroid function was normal, they orderly took “Kasfero fruit“ 7.0g on an empty stomach in the morning and 5.0g at noon during the first month. Nodules up to 3cm in diameter regressed by 30%. During the second month they took the dosage of 5.0g on an empty stomach in the morning and 5.0g at noon, same as during the third month. Nodules were reduced for all 100% if the therapy was not skipped during those three months. In case of discontinuation or skipping of therapy a relapse was visible in 10 days or more if under stress. Hormonal function of the thyroid was reduced up to 20%.

Seventh group had patients between the age of 50 and 65 with more solitary nodules of functional genesis. 50 female patients were examined during four months. All of the patients took “Kasfero fruit“ in dosage of 7.0g + 7.0 + 0g daily during the first two months, followed by dosage of 5.0g + 5.0g + 0g during the last two months. Solitary nodular reduction of 70% was noted; also 100% reduction of compressive subjective disturbances, especially in relation to retrosternal localization of nodules. Reduction of hormones was up to 20%.

Eight group was made of patients with diffuse goiter class II and hyperthyrosis in slighter degree – value of thyroid hormones up to 210 for T4 and 4.0 for T3. Nine women took “Kasfero fruit“ during a month in dosage of 5.0g + 0g. Their methimazole dose was halved (3×1/2), as were their beta blockers (3×1/4). In a month the morphological reduction of glands was 20%, with reduced function of the thyroid in the same percentage.

Discussion and conclusion

We applied “Kasfero fruit“ on 270 patients with success – with 251 female and 19 male patients with diffuse and nodular goiter. The therapeutic experiences are positive and original, but on a relatively small number. There were no negative side –effects as the dosage was considerably smaller than the one used in conventional medicine.

Year 1997. Under the donation of Dacan Mitić, this research was performed in “Demand for issuance of a patent on the discovery of natural medicating substance“, and year 1999. The Munich Patent Office issued a certificate “Patent for discovery“.

Because of the political situation in ex-Yugoslavia and Serbia at that time, this amazing discovery and patent remained unnoticed and belittled.

Three years back, in 2012. “Project Kasfero“ was founded; unique in the world for its wide scale of natural medicating substances for all types of thyroid disease.

Year 2015. After long negotiations, examinations and disbelief, Traditional German Pharmaceutical company ABO and PAINEX bought the rights to produce and distribute these natural products in German market.


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