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Responsibility and definition of responsible service provider. Responsible for this provider internet domain and Facebook page for the needs of Law on use of Teleservices (TDG), law that regulates information and communication services (luKDG) and in connection to information content, right to print and state contract on media services is Dacan Mitić-preduzetnik,


Radnja za trgovinu i proizvodnju biljnih preparata „Kasfero El Diablo Mramor“

Sedište: Mramor b.b 18251, Niš

Republika Srbija

Tel / Fax : +381 184 100 557

E-mail: www.info@kasfero.com


Registarski sud: registarski sud Beograd,

Srbija APR-Agencija za privredne registre

Reg. broj:63399094, BP 50172/2014

Poreski identifikacioni broj: 108362064 PIB-RS


  1. Additional legal information:


  1. Responsible for content of online Kasfero offer

Dacan Mitic- Preduzetnik, entrepreneur, owner of the shop for trade and processing of herbal preparations „Kasfero El Diablo – Mramor“, hereinafter Kasfero, does not take any responsibility for timeliness, correctness, completeness and quality of given information in online shop. Requiring of the responsibility from Kasfero company, that refers to compensation, material or immaterial, caused by use or serve of introduced information, are mainly excluded unless it is proved that there is deliberate or rough negligence of all offers that o binds Kasfero. Kasfero expressly retains the right, without prior notification, to delete, temporarily or for long, parts of pages or the whole of offer or terminates their publications.



  1. Literature and links

Directly or indirectly, literature on external internet pages (links)  is out of Kasfero’s responsibility. Therefore, Kasfero expressly prohibits that in time of connecting of appropriate page there is illegal content. Kasfero does not influence present and future designs and contents of linked/ attached pages. That is why Kasfero expressly distance from all contents of linked/attached pages which links are changed. This statement is valid for all named internet offers on Kasfero site, and also external inputs in the book of quests- blog, forum, chat, possibly put on Kasfero’s site. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and information, and specially with damages made from use or misuse of this information are connected solely to provider of the page where these contents are, and not with the site www.kasfero.de



  1. Copyrights and law rights. Kasfero tries to, in all publications of copyrights graphs, audio documents, video sequences and texts, use its own graphs own video documents, video sequences and texts or to use free of charge graphs, audio documents, video sequences and texts. All mentioned and possibly protected from third parties within brands of internet offer are under the provisions of effective law and copyrights of their registered owners. Copyrights for any of the materials created by Kasfero is solely of Kasfero ownership. Each copying and use of such graphs, audio documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without prior consent and approval by Kasfero.



  1. Privacy policy. If on internet you have the possibility to enter personal and business data (e-mail, name, address), the entrance of the date is on user’s voluntary basis. Use and payment of all services are allowed if technically possible and rational without specifications of any personal data ( or on the basis of anonymous data and false names).



  1. Legal value of waiver. The waiver is considered a part of internet publication which this text is from. If parts or some terms of these statements are not good or are inadequate in the sense of the law, then the rest of the documents, their contents and validity remain unchanged. The consumer has the right to withdraw, so as the consumer is each person that concludes legal business for the purpose that is not in the scope of entrepreneurship: by withdrawing you may recall agreement within 14 days without stating the reason in writing ( for example e-mail of fax) or if the goods is returned before the deadline. The term starts on the day of receiving of this instructions in the form of text, but not before the receiving of the goods by the recipients (in case of repeated delivery of goods not before first partial delivery), and also not completing of his obligations and terms. The period of recall is enough so as the goods is not delivered to the client. The recall is to be sent on the e-mail: kasfero@kasfero.com, shop for trade and processing of herbal preparations Kasfero El Diablo. Address: Mramor bb 18251 Mramor near Nis, Republic of Serbia, e-mail kafero@kasfero.com

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