Hyper K-Strumin P 2.09©


Goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland. A multinodular goiter: this means the thyroid gland has developed many lumps or nodules.

HYPER K-STRUMIN P 2.09© homeophatic medicine

produced in Germany under § 38, Abs.1, S.3 AMG BRD (Law on medicinal products), with non therapeutic indication.

OK   HKS P 2.09©

1 original packaging 30 or 100 ml of solution contains: Chelidonium majus, Juniperus communis,  Juglans regia, Crataegus, Hypericum perforatum, Thuja occidentalis, Origanum vulgare, Ethanol 43% (m/m).

Hyper K-Strumin P 2.09 ©  Multinodular goiter

Hyper K-Strumin P 2.09© is available as 1-month dose £18.50 and 3-month dose £44.50 (regulatory therapy).



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Kstrumin P

Hyper K-Strumin © PUR directly from the nature – a mixture of herbs and fruits. It is used in the context of regulatory therapy under the supervision of an authorized therapist. Find an authorized therapists here: CLUB HP 300 ©


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