Right to product return

  1. Information on product returning

Buyer as a person, has the right to return the product without stating the reason on return, if the buyer is every person that concludes legal business with the seller and the product is not for entrepreneur activities of the buyer.



  1. Right to product return

The buyer as a person may cancel the agreement and return product within 14 days as of the day of delivery without stating the reasons for return- in writing ( for example e-mail or fax) or simply send the product back to the seller in original package within 14 days as of the delivery. The term starts as of the day of receiving the instructions in writing text, but not before the product receiving. Besides recall and right to product return, it is enough to indicate in writing or simply send it back to the seller. The recall has to be sent to e-mail: kasfero@kasfero.com or in writing on the address:  Dacan Mitic, entrepreneur , shop for trade and processing herbal preparations. Address: Mramor bb, 18251 Nis, republic of Serbia, e-mail: kasfero@kasfero.com



  1. Recall consequences

In case of efficient recall of both parties, the customer shall be paid money back. We offer you some benefits (for example possibility of use the recall right without reason), but if you do not return the product in one part, or return it in worse condition that it was delivered to you, you, as a client you will be obliged to pay the compensation. For degeneration during use, you are obliged to pay compensation which according to the agreement exceeds testing and characteristic of functioning. Under “testing and characteristic of functioning” is considered testing and trial of the goods for the possibilities in the shop. You will have to pay difference between undamaged and damaged state of the product if the returned product is damaged or partially damaged. Otherwise the return of goods is free of charge for you. Liabilities on compensation payment are to be completed within 30 days. The payment period starts as of the moment of sending back the goods, and for us as of the receiving it.



 General information

  1. Please, do avoid product damaging. Send the goods back to us if possible in original package with all additions and package components. If necessary use the protective package. If you do not have the original package, we would appreciate it if you could provide appropriate package for protection from damage during transport.
  2. Send the goods directly to us if possible. We will refund expenses if necessary for the postal costs paid in advance, except if the costs are to be paid by you.
  3. Note that the quoted points 1 and 2 are not precondition for effective achieving of recall rights.

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