1. Payment

For deliveries in British commonwealth and EU we offer Serbia we offer the following benefits for the purchase of our products:

  1. a) Advance payment
  2. b) Pay Pal


  1. Shipment, delivery

2.1          depending on the size of your order, ordered products will be sent by transportation company, fast post or similar.

2.2          We send products in all EU and British Commonwealth. If you wish sending out of  EU, send us an e-mail on and write in correct data, address for delivery, state and postal code and also date on desired product quantity. We will immediately answer you by an e-mail in connection to your order, organize transportation and so on. At the same time we will inform you on payment and precise price of the ordered product with delivery on desired address. If you want to know whether the transport is possible for your country, contact us on


  1. Return

3.1 For deliveries within EU and British Commonwealth we charge in general sense 5,50EUR for secured deliveries. If the value of ordered goods exceeds 92 EUR than the transport costs are on the seller.


  1. Term of delivery. The term of delivery is 5-7 working days in EU and British Commonwealth. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays deliveries are not done. If we do not have order product on the stock, the time of delivery will be appropriately extended.

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