INFORMATION- purchase conditions:


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A: General purchase conditions

  1. Conditions
  2. Agreement conclusion
  3. Costs in returning the product within your rights to return products
  4. Price and payment
  5. Shipping and delivery conditions
  6. Responsibility for defects
  7. Legal rights

B: Users information

  1. Information on seller’s identity
  2. Information on basic product and services characteristics
  3. Information on agreement conclusion
  4. Information on payment and delivery
  5. Information on technical procedures leading to agreement conclusion
  6. Information on agreement storing
  7. Information on technical mistakes when completing the form and correction possibilities
  8. Information on agreement concluding in available language.

A: General purchase conditions

  1. Legal relations and legal relations participation

1.1         The following conditions are for all legal relations between shops for trade and processing of herbal preparations Kasfero Naturmedizin (hereinafter “Seller”), and buyers regardless of being persons or legal entities. It takes into account and apply only the conditions given by the seller- personal conditions of performing business by the buyer are not taken into account unless it is entered into agreement.

1.2         In these conditions in terms of consumers is considered to be every person that concludes legal business for the purpose not including entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is a person or legal entity that concludes agreement within his entrepreneur activities.

  1. Conclusion of the contract

2.1         All presented products (images) in on-line shop of the seller, do not represent an offer  by the seller but are for the purpose of information on which basis the buyer offer seller an agreement conclusion on chosen product.

2.2         Buyer can submit an offer via form in our on-line shop by filling in data into integral form for product order. Filling in his personal data and by the last click (send), the buyer finishes the legal business of his offer in relation to ordered product.

2.3         The seller may accept the buyer’s offer within two days in the following way:

  1. By written confirmation that the order on agreement conclusion on chosen product is received (fax or e-mail) from the buyer in which the level of offer validation and confirmation is estimated by the seller.
  2. By delivery of the chosen product on the buyer’s address.
  3. By sending written payment order to the buyer for the chosen product. If all the alternatives show as unrealized seller withdraws from the agreement. If the seller fails to provide the buyer the product within the specified time, it will be considered as a rejection of the bid with the result that the customer no longer binds his statement about the purchase.

2.4         The period for offer acceptance starts immediately on the day of sending the offer by the buyer and ends at the closing of the following day as of the offer arrival. If it is on Saturday or Sunday as last day, or public holiday, then the last day goes to the first working day.

2.5         The order and contacts you send are processed by automatic order processing. The buyer has to provide correct e-mail address, that on this mail seller can send information. The buyer has to provide by SPAM-FILTER which massages are junk or he himself is responsible for all the massages that he sent together with the order.

  1. Return of the delivery

If the customer uses his right to return the product without explanation, regular costs of return are on the behalf of the customer if the prices of the returned goods does not 92 EUR. If ordered goods is of higher value and were not delivered within specified period, the costs of return are on the seller.

  1. Price and payment

4.1         The given prices are final with included VAT, if necessary, additional costs of shipment and delivery will be given together with the product description.

4.2         Buyers may choose different payment options that are given in online shop.

4.3         The goods are delivered upon agreement conclusion (after the payment is performed)

  1. Delivery and shipment conditions

5.1         The products are delivered on the address that the buyer put into the form. During the transaction, that is money payment, the delivery address that you stated is the authoritative for the seller. 

5.2         In situation transportation company is unable to deliver the ordered goods on  buyer’s stated address (for example incorrect address, address change) and the products are returned to the seller, than the costs of failed delivery are on the customer. It is in situation when the buyer accepted his right on goods return but did not insure the circumstances for taking over of ordered products, i.e from any reason was temporarily prevented to accept the ordered products. This is not in the case when the buyer in advance announces to the transportation company or the seller that in due time he will not be able to provide situation for acceptance of ordered products on the form given address.

5.3         The existing risk of accidental loss and damage for the  sold product is on the behalf of the buyer and it is confirmed by product taking over. If the buyer is entrepreneur, the situation of accidental loss and deterioration of the products during delivery is on the behalf of the transportation company that transported the goods to  the place of buyers business, in this case  an entrepreneur.

5.4         The seller reserves the right to withdraws from the agreement with the consumer without stating the reason in case of wrong or incorrect delivery of ordered product to the buyer via transportation company. This is does not apply if seller personally delivers the ordered products to the buyer and personally controls the whole delivery process. In case of incorrect and wrong delivery, the seller shall do everything to deliver the ordered goods in due time. In case of unavailability of ordered product, the buyer shall be immediately notified by the seller and be refunded the amount paid when ordering the goods.

5.5         To buy products, that is personal take over is not possible due to logistic reasons.

  1. Responsibility for defects

Here are legal responsibility for defects.

  1. Legal rights

7.1         The Law of Republic of Slovakia, not taking into account Laws on International Goods Selling are applied on all legal relations between parties. The choice of laws is done for the consumers if the protection on compulsory provisions is abolished in the state of customer’s residence.

7.2         If the customer is trader, public person, legal entity or person residing or having domicile in Republic of Slovakia, all disputes that may arise between seller and buyer in the process of ordering, paying and delivery of products are to be solved in front of the competent court of Republic of Slovakia territory. If the buyer is domicile or resides on territory out of Republic of Slovakia, all disputes are also solved in front of the competent court in Republic of Slovakia determined according to the Company “Kasfero” headquarters. Seller in case of dispute has the right, in the above stated situations,  to call the competent Court where the Buyer filed the complaint, indictment and to personally inform on the proceeding. By ordering and paying the product, buyer accepts and agrees on hereinabove rights stated in 7.2.

7.3         The agreement is possible to make in Serbian, German, Slovak and English Languages

B: Users information

  1. Information on seller’s identity:
  2. INFORMATION- purchase conditions:
  4. POBOX 24, 90201 Pezinok , Slovakia
  5. E-mail:,
  1. Information on basic product and services characteristics

Basic product and services characteristics are given in the product description.

  1. Information on agreement conclusion

Agreement conclusion between buyer and the seller is pursuant to point 2 (see above)

  1. Information on payment and delivery

The payment is done in accordance to information, instructions, rights and liabilities given in point 4. The delivery is performed in accordance to information. Rights, liabilities and instructions given in point 5 (see above)

  1. Information on technical procedures leading to agreement conclusion

The consumer has to perform several technical steps to fulfill the criteria for shipment of the goods. Those are the following steps:

5.0.1     To chose the product and add it (read it) into the virtual basket

5.0.2     To log in the online shop entering user name and password and if you do not have account you have to register entering your data in appropriate form.

5.0.3     Enter the correct address for delivery

5.0.4     Chose the option for goods delivery

5.0.5     Chose the payment option

5.0.6     Short overview of data for ordering

5.0.7     Send the order

5.1         Accepting the order by the seller is regulated in Article 2.3 (see seller’s conditions).

  1. Information on agreement text storing

The agreement shall be saved after conclusion between buyer and the seller and sent to the buyer in text form (for example text or e-mail). The agreement text shall be stored on website of Kasfero and can be downloaded free by the buyer on his account which is protected by password  determined by the buyer) and if the buyer opened it in the online shop prior the submitting the request for the product purchase.

  1. Information on technical mistakes correction

Before submitting the order, the user may correct his technical mistakes using standard functions of the mouse and keyboard. Besides, all items before compulsory sending of the order shall be shown in one window and may be corrected with standard functions of the mouse and keyboard.

  1. Information on agreement conclusion in available languages

The agreements may be concluded in English, Serbian, German and Slovak languages.

  1. Shipment and delivery
  1. Payment

For delivery in British commonwealth and EU we offer: advance payment, credit card 

  1. Delivery

2.1 Depending on size of your order it will be sent by transportation company, fast mail and similar.

2.2 We send products all over Slovakia, EU, and bordering countries. If you want product sending in other country send an e-mail to and write in correctly your personal information, data on quantity, address for delivery, country and postal code. We will answer immediately with an appropriate mail with the information whether we may deliver the ordered goods, organize transport and so on. At the same time, in this mail we will inform you on ways of payment and precise price of the product with the delivery on the particular address. For the information whether the transport in your country is possible contact us on

  1. Delivery costs of the purchased product

For deliveries within EU and British Commonwealth we charge in general sense 7,20 EUR for secured deliveries.

  1. Term of delivery

The term of delivery is 3-7 working days in EU and British Commonwealth. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays deliveries are not done. If we do not have order product on the stock, the time of delivery will be appropriately extended.

  1. Information on product returning

Buyer as a person, has the right to return the product without stating the reason on return, if the buyer is every person that concludes legal business with the seller and the product is not for entrepreneur activities of the buyer.

  1. Right to product return

The buyer as a person may cancel the agreement and return product within 14 days as of the day of delivery without stating the reasons for return- in writing ( for example e-mail or fax) or simply send the product back to the seller in original package within 14 days as of the delivery. The term starts as of the day of receiving the instructions in writing text, but not before the product receiving. Besides recall and right to product return, it is enough to indicate in writing or simply send it back to the seller. The recall has to be sent to e-mail: or in writing on the address:  Dacan Mitic KASFERO NATURMEDIZIN, POBOX 24,  90201 Pezinok , Slovakia, e-mail:

  1. Recall consequences

In case of efficient recall of both parties, the customer shall be paid money back. We offer you some benefits (for example possibility of use the recall right without reason), but if you do not return the product in one part, or return it in worse condition that it was delivered to you, you, as a client you will be obliged to pay the compensation. For degeneration during use, you are obliged to pay compensation which according to the agreement exceeds testing and characteristic of functioning. Under “testing and characteristic of functioning” is considered testing and trial of the goods for the possibilities in the shop. You will have to pay difference between undamaged and damaged state of the product if the returned product is damaged or partially damaged. Otherwise the return of goods is free of charge for you. Liabilities on compensation payment are to be completed within 30 days. The payment period starts as of the moment of sending back the goods, and for us as of the receiving it.

  1. General information
  2. Please, do avoid product damaging. Send the goods back to us if possible in original package with all additions and package components. If necessary use the protective package. If you do not have the original package, we would appreciate it if you could provide appropriate package for protection from damage during transport.
  3. Send the goods directly to us if possible. We will refund expenses if necessary for the postal costs paid in advance, except if the costs are to be paid by you.
  4. Note that the quoted points 1 and 2 are not precondition for effective achieving of recall rights.
  1. Privacy protection
  2. Anonymous data collection. It is our pleasure that you visit our shop and thank you for showing interest for our products and web sites. Protection of your privacy when using our web site is very important for us. We would appreciate it if you pay attention to following information:
  1. Collecting, processing and use of personal data. You may visit our site without living your personal data. Personal data are collected only if you by filling in the agreement public your data when opening an account or when contacting. These data are used without your explicit consent, only for agreement execution and handling your requests. After the termination of the agreement and full price payment, data concerning taxation will be saved, only for the legally provisioned period. However, your data will be deleted on termination of this period.
  1. Publication of personal data. By processing of accounts we collect personal data within agreements from the transport company responsible personnel in the scope necessary for goods delivery. We receive data on payment within the institution authorized for payments.
  1. Cookies. This website use cookies in order to be more comprehensible and clearer, and also to provide more efficient, secure and faster movement on our web site. Besides, “cookies” allow measuring of our web site visit frequency. Cookies are small text files kept in our computer system. We notify you that some of the cookies have passed from our server to your computer system, often called “Session-Coockies”. For cookies is important that they are automatically deleted from your hard drive after finishing of search session. Other cookies stay in our computer system and allow us to recognize your computer during next visit (so called permanent cookies). Of course you may refuse cookies at any time if your searcher allows it. Have in mind that some of the functions of this web site directly or partially may be used, if you calibrated the name of the searcher so that cookies on our site may accept the function.
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  3. Responsibility and definition of responsible service provider. Responsible for this provider internet domain and Facebook page for the needs of Law on use of Teleservices (TDG), law that regulates information and communication services (luKDG) and in connection to information content, right to print and state contract on media services is Dacan Mitic – KASFERO NATURMEDIZIN , POBOX 24, 90201 Pezinok , Slovakia
  1. Additional legal information:
  1. Responsible for content of online Kasfero offer

Dacan Mitic – KASFERO NATURMEDIZIN, hereinafter Kasfero, does not take any responsibility for timeliness, correctness, completeness and quality of given information in online shop. Requiring of the responsibility from Kasfero company, that refers to compensation, material or immaterial, caused by use or serve of introduced information, are mainly excluded unless it is proved that there is deliberate or rough negligence of all offers that o binds Kasfero. Kasfero expressly retains the right, without prior notification, to delete, temporarily or for long, parts of pages or the whole of offer or terminates their publications.

  1. Literature and links

Directly or indirectly, literature on external internet pages (links)  is out of Kasfero’s responsibility. Therefore, Kasfero expressly prohibits that in time of connecting of appropriate page there is illegal content. Kasfero does not influence present and future designs and contents of linked/ attached pages. That is why Kasfero expressly distance from all contents of linked/attached pages which links are changed. This statement is valid for all named internet offers on Kasfero site, and also external inputs in the book of quests- blog, forum, chat, possibly put on Kasfero’s site. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and information, and specially with damages made from use or misuse of this information are connected solely to provider of the page where these contents are, and not with the site

  1. Copyrights and law rights. Kasfero tries to, in all publications of copyrights graphs, audio documents, video sequences and texts, use its own graphs own video documents, video sequences and texts or to use free of charge graphs, audio documents, video sequences and texts. All mentioned and possibly protected from third parties within brands of internet offer are under the provisions of effective law and copyrights of their registered owners. Copyrights for any of the materials created by Kasfero is solely of Kasfero ownership. Each copying and use of such graphs, audio documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without prior consent and approval by Kasfero.
  1. Privacy policy. If on internet you have the possibility to enter personal and business data (e-mail, name, address), the entrance of the date is on user’s voluntary basis. Use and payment of all services are allowed if technically possible and rational without specifications of any personal data ( or on the basis of anonymous data and false names).
  1. Legal value of waiver. The waiver is considered a part of internet publication which this text is from. If parts or some terms of these statements are not good or are inadequate in the sense of the law, then the rest of the documents, their contents and validity remain unchanged. The consumer has the right to withdraw, so as the consumer is each person that concludes legal business for the purpose that is not in the scope of entrepreneurship: by withdrawing you may recall agreement within 14 days without stating the reason in writing ( for example e-mail of fax) or if the goods is returned before the deadline. The term starts on the day of receiving of this instructions in the form of text, but not before the receiving of the goods by the recipients (in case of repeated delivery of goods not before first partial delivery), and also not completing of his obligations and terms. The period of recall is enough so as the goods is not delivered to the client. The recall is to be sent on the e-mail: Address: Dacan Mitic – KASFERO NATURMEDIZIN POBOX 24, 90201 Pezinok , Slovakia


  1. Payment

For deliveries in British commonwealth and EU we offer Slovakia we offer the following benefits for the purchase of our products:

  1. a) Advance payment
  2. b) Pay Pal
  1. Shipment, delivery

2.1         depending on the size of your order, ordered products will be sent by transportation company, fast post or similar.

2.2         We send products in all EU and British Commonwealth. If you wish sending out of  EU, send us an e-mail on and write in correct data, address for delivery, state and postal code and also date on desired product quantity. We will immediately answer you by an e-mail in connection to your order, organize transportation and so on. At the same time we will inform you on payment and precise price of the ordered product with delivery on desired address. If you want to know whether the transport is possible for your country, contact us on

  1. Return

3.1 For deliveries within EU and British Commonwealth we charge in general sense 7,20EUR for secured deliveries.

  1. Term of delivery. The term of delivery is 3-7 working days in EU and British Commonwealth. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays deliveries are not done. If we do not have order product on the stock, the time of delivery will be appropriately extended.